Memorial for the Third Army
Gorizia (Italy)

Project Description
Executive project for the requalification of the Memorial for the Third Army.

Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri 
Segretariato Generale Struttura Di Missione Per Gli Anniversari Di Interesse Nazionale Ministero Della Difesa Commissariato Generale per le Onoranze ai Caduti

Project Team

  • Representative and responsible for integrating specialist services: Studio Amati
  • Architecture responsible: Studio Amati, Arc. it's
  • Structure responsible: Arch. Romina Sambucci
  • MEP responsible: Arch. Romina Sambucci
  • Geology responsible: Dr. Geol. Rimsky Valvassori
  • Safety coordinator during the design phase: Arch. Francesco Abbati
  • Multimedia artifacts: Arch. Alessandro Baldoni
  • Scientific consultant: Dott. Emanuele Martinez
  • Quality manager: Arch. Francesco Abbati


Information process management, BIM coordination, BIM arch / str / MEP modeling, clash detection, 4D and 5D modeling

Gross area
7.737 sq m

5.597.270 € 

Credits for images
Parallel Digital, Orazio Carpenzano

The project in question came from the desire to enhance an important architectonic, historical and cultural legacy not only for the Province of Gorizia, but for region and nation too.
The restoration and redevelopment of the building are part of a wider strategy entered into by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, through the Structural Mission for Anniversaries of National Interest.
Part of this initiative is the redevelopment project for the memorial to the Third Army Barracks (Casa della III Armata), originally a destination for pilgrimages from all over Italy to mourn and honour the fallen, then converted into a structure in part set up to recount the tragedy of that bitter victory, with annexed garrison, a small station belonging to the Carabinieri, utilities and modest receptions area.

The decision was to build alongside the current structures to mark a place for remembering, setting out from an extensive historical knowledge of the context, both environmental and architectonic. 

Parallel Digital carried out the BIM coordination activities in the phases of design and modelling the architectonic, plant and structural LOD D disciplines. 
From the start the BIM objectives were identified and grouped in Specifications so as to establish a strategy for each.
A model was created for each discipline; it being a restructuring project, the models were set up in two phases (current situation and new construction) that allowed us to improve the reliability of the information on current conditions and to check the measurements of demolished elements and new build elements. 
Each modelled object was classified with alphanumerical initials corresponding to the computed items, site phases, safety coordination and object type. With these three coding typologies we managed to guarantee an audit of the project in order to lessen the risks of extension of time and costs and site disagreements while at the same time raising the site’s productivity. 

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