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Larizzate, Vercelli (Italy)

Project Description
Modeling plants in Revit, LOD 300

Jacobs Italia S.p.A., Enetec s.r.l.

Project team

  • Project Management,
  • Air, water and fire system design: Jacobs Italia
  • Electrical Project Management: Enetec
  • Architecture Project: SpazioTre
  • BIM Modelling: Parallel Digital

BIM Modelling, BIM Implementation

Energetic performance
Classe A

Gross area
110.000 sqm


The building is made up a warehouse - storage and goods handling area – spread over a floor space of approximately 100,000 sq.m., and a nucleus of offices.

Our team had the job of modelling in collaboration with Jacobs Italia and Enetec during the executive phase of the project, hence receiving both the designs and the initial technical specifications on which to base the location or ex novo modelling of families.

Remote collaboration between the different companies was achieved by working in the Cloud. Thanks to the constant updating of all the models and also to the rigour imposed by the Bim Execution Plan (BEP), that dictated the software to be used and relative versions, the methods of renaming families and models, the Level of Detail required (LOD 300) and the processes of monitoring and exchange of models, it was possible to guarantee homogeneity and quality.

Each model was sub-divided into worksets “confining” each person’s job with the aim of avoiding overlap, or causing delay and errors during modelling. Every element was equipped with a series of parameters that, at any given moment, provided all previously assigned information.

Only by establishing the right parameters and correctly connecting all the elements is it possible to create systems that link to manifolds (“Fire protection wet” or “Fire protection dry”) in the case of the fire protection system, or circuits that link to the electric board, in the case of the electric power system.

In such a way the models assumed a greater significance with respect to simple 3D modelling, offering the possibility to anyone at any moment to physically see the system and understand its characteristics through the information given.



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