Retro BIM Dalkia
La Défense (France)
Project Description
Survey and modeling of the Paris headquarters of the Dalkia Group, creation and insertion of data, Facility Management
Dalkia, EDF group
BIM model creation for Facility Management
Gross area
12.660 sq m
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The aim of modelling the Dalkia building, in the district of Valmy, was to provide an informative model for Facility Management and the management of personnel.
The first phase involved the geometric modelling of the building.
To achieve this objective, all the documentation received from the client, constituted by .dwg files and the scanning of the original designs, was closely analysed and used in a critical manner.
Added to which, site visits were carried in order to implement any missing input information.
All elements were classified by UNICLASS specification, according to European norms, and each area defined with the code relative to the occupants.
In the successive phase, the model produced the information requested by the client regarding:
  • Space management
  • Management of personnel
  • Fire-fighting equipment and compartmentalization of the building
  • Dynamic building energy simulations
To facilitate the management of information, it was tested by using the Add-in for Revit, BIM One. This made it possible to simplify the updating of data through exportation in the format .xlsx, Excel extension and new Revit import.
As regards fire safety, châssis pompiers were selected and introduced into the model, as were compartmentalization, fire doors and refuge areas. 
Finally, the client requested a Revit model compatible with their thermal simulation software, Design Builder. The objective achieved was hence that of providing a straightforward model despite the high amount of information contained relating to wall layering and materials.

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